The Program segment is where an organization has aligned a working group around a specific value stream of the organization. Within this segment, work is done to ensure that agile teams within the Team segment can realize the value of the proposed epics from the Agile Portfolio.

While many organizations have adopted agile teams, few have properly implemented the elements within the Program segment. When implemented properly, the Program segment provides overall governance and runway for the value stream for which they are responsible. This provides an essential level between the Agile Portfolio segment and the Team segment.

The Program segment also owns the runway across technology, user experience, and strategy. In this role, senior leaders in each discipline ensure that the agile teams have all concerns that span multiple teams architected to ensure consistency and efficiency. For example, if an upcoming feature requires new front-end components for a web application across multiple stories, it would be the responsibility of the individuals in the Program segment to ensure that the new component had been designed and documented prior to the team making any commitments on the user story.

Through the process of creating runway, the program leadership also provides a level of governance to ensure that solutions are implemented in a similar manner across features. Decision making for the value stream across technology and user experience occurs at this level unless a specific decision or approach affects multiple value streams.


The Program receives a prioritized backlog of Epics from the Agile Portfolio.


Through the process of a PI Planning session, the Program agrees to a set of commitment and objectives for a Planning Increment (PI).