What is a mindset?

Every mindset is tied to a set of best practices that have been proven within enterprise organizations that excel at digital value delivery. Each mindset contains connected elements, characteristics, and pain points. The Digital Continuum is unique in showing how these different mindsets coexist to optimize digital value delivery. When all eight mindsets are working together in harmony, an organization is said to be in its ideal state.

Successful mindset integration leads to organizational characteristics.

Organizations that implement a mindset correctly, have specific positive characteristics. For example, organizations that properly implement the Continuous Delivery mindset will be able to release new digital solutions often.

Neglecting a mindset leads to organizational pain points.

Organizations that do not possess a mindset will have identifiable pain points. For example, organizations who have not adopted an Experience Mindset will have low user acceptance for new digital features.

The Mindsets


Value-Driven organizations are structured around the delivery of value to customers by empowering individuals across an organization to make business decisions about how best to deliver that value.

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The Ideal State Organization has a sustainable method of introducing innovation throughout the product lifecycle.

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The Ideal State Organization works hard to create user, customer, and organizational experiences that engage and delight individuals from all touchpoints in the customer journey while maintaining a focused commitment to the mission, vision, and values of the organization.

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Lean thinking provides organizations with the tools they need to scale Agile beyond individual development teams to the entire enterprise.

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Culturally Responsive

An organization in its ideal state is able to identify, leverage, and respond to internal and external cultural influences to maximize value.

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The Ideal State Organization plans and evaluates its business using appropriate tools to look at carefully curated data. This is accomplished by utilizing data to tell stories with direct and actionable insights.

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Continuous Delivery

The Ideal State Organization recognizes that software becomes valuable once it is delivered. The delivery process is streamlined, releasing frequently and continuously.

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Operational Excellence

The Ideal State Organization has a focus not only on the creation of digital experiences but also on how those experiences are supported, maintained and scaled to meet the needs of its customers.

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