Validation on UX/Dev Standards

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Ensuring adherence to organizational experience and development standards is an important factor in building a runway within the Program level. It allows for a more seamless transition from Program to Team levels by ensuring that those working at the Team level have the information they need in a structured and consistent form.

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User Experience standards, organizational development standards, and user stories


Updated user stories with considerations for standards both in experience and development

When defining the feature set for a project, it is important to make sure all those features fit within architectural and experience standards that are already in place on that project and for the organization as a whole.

This involves reviewing user stories and confirming that the features they outline are consistent with standards established on the project. The focus is to smooth the runway and avoid having to ask questions of standards or integration at the Team level.

For example, if a new story requires a component that has not yet been integrated into the overall project visual style guide, validation should catch that and ensure that the new component is added to the style guide prior to the story being transitioned for work at the Team level. The same concepts apply to new development paradigms as well.

Common Pitfalls

  • Keeping standards current: Project and organizational standards may change as requirements are added or as development platforms evolve. It is crucial to clearly document and communicate the new standards. This is especially true for longer-term projects.
  • Not empowering the team to work with the standards: In many cases, individuals at the Team and/or Program level might not feel that they have the needed authority to challenge, update, or remove standards within the organization. Ideally, the standards are documented using a tool that allows for continued evolution over time. In addition, the team ultimately responsible for those standards within the organization should clearly communicate how team members can recommend changes or updates to these standards.


Most any Wiki or document platform can be used as a repository for either organizational or product level standards: