Operational Support Review

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The process of deploying and maintaining the functionality in production is critical in the digital value delivery process. The operations and DevOps team are integrated into this process early, through this element, prior to teams committing to any stories.

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Defined user story


A validated user story with enabler stories to support the functionality of the user story

A user story is not truly complete unless it can be deployed effectively and supported within production.

To ensure this level of cooperation between development teams, DevOps and operations require specific check-in points with the digital value delivery process. This review will address a collection of questions, to ensure that release, testing, and support can be properly handled.

These questions may include:

  • Does this story change the way the entire experience needs to be deployed into production?
  • Does this story create a change to the way we handle scalability (either horizontally or vertically)?
  • Does this story change the way in which we test and validate an environment?
  • Are any new systems required to support this functionality in production?

Common Pitfalls

Even if organizations have a high degree of collaboration between development, DevOps, and operations, there can still be problems which must be addressed:

  • Reviewing too late in the process - Many organizations will review functionality after it has been fully defined or even fully developed. In these cases, the scope of what can be addressed without rework is limited. Organizations must consider this review as a first class citizen in the planning process.
  • Not considering the impact of testing - Since automated testing plays such a critical role in Continuous Delivery, it is important that organizations review any story‚Äôs ability to test an environment completely. If an organization cannot automate all of its environment validation, Continuous Delivery is no longer possible.