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The Portfolio Legal Review allows organizations to review liability and licensing concerns for Epics within the Portfolio Kanban process.

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Operational Excellence


Agile Portfolio


Epics with a defined business case


Updated Epics that include necessary work to focus on identified legal issues

Modern digital solutions have created legal concerns across the digital landscape.

To help reduce risk for the organization, a multi-step legal review process should occur within the Portfolio and Program segments to avoid excessive delays a single point within the process.

Some of the items which might be covered within this legal reviews would be:

  • Licensing of Intellectual Property (IP)
  • Protecting and preserving organizational Intellectual Property
  • Reviewing existing licenses and contracts for existing products and services
  • Reviewing liability in new business models enabled by the new functionality

As an example, an Epic was identified in the Portfolio segment which would provide new functionality that the organization would like to protect through a patent. An enabler should be created for the portfolio team to provide the necessary documentation for the patent in collaboration with the legal team.

The documentation contained within this element is for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice.

Common Pitfalls

While the specifics of the legal review will be different for each instance, there are general pitfalls which must be avoided:

  • Extensive lead-time for legal reviews - Since the legal review element exists as a part of the Portfolio Kanban process, it is important that the flow of functionality through the process is preserved. If there is extensive lead time, additional legal resources may be needed to improve flow through the process.