Internal Ideation

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Organizations must develop internal ideation as a core competency to ensure that there is a steady stream of new ideas flowing into the organizational portfolio.

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Idea Generation


Organizational Foundations as well as internal resources available to participate in an Internal Ideation workshop


An idea for consideration in the organization’s agile portfolio

While using outside resources is essential to getting an organization to kick off the ideation process, mature organizations will, over time, learn to lead some of this internally.

Most organizations have an individual with either previous experience or a passion for a specific ideation methodology or approach.

One such approach could be using a framework that the organization used with an external consultancy. Another resource could using a published and documented framework like the one used by Google Ventures which is outlined in the book Sprint, by Jake Knapp.

Sample approaches for ideation can be seen in the Digital Continuum under the Labs and External Co-Creation elements.

Common Pitfalls

If an organization adopts an ideation approach, they are making progress.

However, many organizations still fall prey to a few common pitfalls:

  • Stakeholders are not committed - For an ideation process to really bear fruit, the stakeholders for the area of focus must be committed to the process. Decision makers must be in the ideation sessions for them to be of any value. If they aren’t bought-in, other individuals will not want to participate either.
  • Modifying the process for a specific organization - While every approach and methodology will need to be modified in small ways to fit an organization, in many cases, organizations modify them to where they have lost their usefulness. Organizations should first adopt and embrace an ideation approach exactly as it is defined. In this manner, after several uses there could be small adjustments made.
  • No clear path to consideration - If the ideas generated through the ideation process have no way to be considered in an agile portfolio, individuals will simply stop participating. There must be some repeatable path for ideas generated in this process to become a reality.