Content and Branding Review

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The Content & Branding Review provides a checkpoint to ensure that content generated for a specific user story is consistent with the organization’s brand and goals for the story.

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Culturally Responsive




An in-depth review of a client’s brand contents, including internal and external analysis of where the brand currently stands as well as the current high-fidelity designs of the user story


Validation of the user story in relation to generated content and branding

New functionality should be measured against existing content and brand standards for the organization.

As a part of the overall design process, high-fidelity designs for a story are evaluated for both consistency with the organization’s brand for the digital product as well as for consistency with the business’s goals for the functionality. Like most reviews within the Digital Continuum, there should not be any surprises injected at this point. The designers and content creators should already be familiar with the organization’s brand. In addition, product management should already have contributed to story through its definition via the portfolio and program.

Common Pitfalls

Even organizations with a mature content and branding strategy can fall victim to common pitfalls in the digital value delivery process:

  • Lack of living documentation on content and branding strategies - Some level of documentation on branding and content standards is common, but in today’s digital climate, it is essential that organizations maintain a living knowledge base of this information. Designers and content strategists need to know where the authoritative source of information is for the organizational standards. These standards need to remain up-to-date.
  • Failure to establish community of practice around design and content strategy - As with areas like development and delivery, it is essential that organizations establish communities of practice where designers can learn from other designers (even across other Agile Release Trains).
  • Failure to leverage external research to verify branding and content strategy - Many organizations with an established strategy for branding and content have never validated this strategy’s effectiveness or made sure it was properly implemented within the external-facing digital properties. This level of research can provide either validation or modifications to the current strategy to maximize the effectiveness within the market.