The Digital Continuum is a freely available creation of Universal Mind. It is a knowledge base that documents how organizations can optimize all aspects of their digital value delivery at the enterprise level.


The Digital Continuum is organized into three key types of information: Mindsets, Segments, and Elements.

  • Mindsets: The mindsets are the core of the Digital Continuum. We examined successful organizations and found that organizations that are at an ideal state have eight key mindsets that they share. When an organization has adopted a mindset, it is evident in the practices they integrate into their value delivery process. Learn more about the Digital Continuum mindsets.
  • Segments: Activities within an organizations digital value delivery flow are grouped based on what level of the organization that they occur. We refer to these groupings as segments. Explore segments in the Digital Continuum visualization.
  • Elements: Activities within a segment are elements of the Digital Continuum. These elements all tie back to one of the mindsets and occur within one of the segments. Explore segments in the Digital Continuum visualization.

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